Master these techniques and you’ll be transforming your lawn and upping your home’s curb appeal in no time.

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Get Rid of Clover and Other Yard Nuisances With These 10 Tips

Mowing over clover may seem like a quick fix, but it always grows back. The following tips will show you...

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Build a Beautiful Stone and Brick Backyard Patio

We'll tell you how to build a beautiful, durable patio from stone and brick.

How to Prep for Sod Installation

Get your new lawn off to a fresh start in eight simple steps.

Learn From George Washington How to Properly Fell a Tree

George Washington couldn't lie and neither can we about the proper way to fell a tree.

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Saturday Morning Workshop: Outdoor Trestle Bench

Beautify your patio, deck or porch this summer with this attractive, easy-to-construct outdoor trestle bench.

Remove a Tree Stump Yourself with This Common Household Product

How to remove a tree stump with Epsom salt.

How to Remove a Tree Stump with a Grinder

Learn how to remove a tree stump yourself using a grinder.

How to Make a Simple Guide for Edging Your Lawn

To edge your lawn, garden, or flowerbed, lay down a 2x6. While holding the board with your foot, drive a...

How to Make Frisbee Tic-Tac-Toe

For a simple and cheap way to enjoy the warm weather, make a giant tic-tac-toe grid on a shower curtain...

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How to Grow Grass

Watch and learn

What You Need to Know to Get your Fire Pit Ready for Fall

Learn how to get your fire pit ready for fall.

How to Install a Flagpole in Your Yard

A telescoping flagpole makes it easy.

How to Keep Deer Out of Your Yard

You love Bambi in his natural environment, but not destroying your yard! Here's how to keep deer away.

How to Make Stay-Put Downspout Extensions

This trick will keep those downspouts in place

Self-Leveling Flower Pot Feet

Here’s how to make flower pots, vases, planters, boxes or almost any not-quite-flat-bottom object sit flat on the floor without...

Here’s How to Avoid Poison Ivy All Summer Long

Poison ivy doesn’t always look the same…can you tell the difference?

The 20 Ways You’re Doing the Wrong Thing for Your Lawn

Maintain your lawn by learning how to avoid common mistakes.

How to Reuse an Old Clothes Hamper Outdoors

Leaf bags have an irritating tendency to close and collapse, making them difficult to fill.

How to Make a Posthole Gauge

Digging a posthole requires you to con- stantly stop and remove the digger to measure the depth of the hole....

Build This Soothing Fountain in an Afternoon

Inexpensive. simple to build and a great place for the neighborhood birds to freshen up!

Pint-Sized Water Gardens

Mini ponds perfect for patios or decks.

Build a Spring in Your Backyard

Learn how to build this small backyard spring that will spark a sense of wonder.

Lawn and Yard Maintenance and Gardening Tips

Yard maintenance: Our experts weigh in with their best tips ever about how to get a healthy and beautiful lawn...

How to use Big Pavers for a Small Patio

We used large salvaged pavers to improve the usability of this small brick oven patio.

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How to Make Concrete House Numbers

Welcome visitors (and help out pizza delivery people) by creating these cool concrete house numbers for your front yard.

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How to Correct Soil PH

Watch and learn

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How to Kill Weeds

The Family Handyman Senior Editor, Travis Larson, will show you how to apply concentrated broadleaf herbicide to eliminate weeds in...