When it comes to home improvement, there ARE not many things that can transform the entire mood of a room like a good paint job.

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    How to Age Wood – 6 Ways to Weather Wood!

    5 ways to speed up the aging process of wood.

    What’s Not To Love About Green Wall Paint?

    From dark and moody emerald, to light and airy sage; there is a perfect green paint for you. Green is...

    Best Faux Painting Techniques

    Check out these brilliant faux painting techniques DIYers can use on a variety of different surfaces. These tips will save...

    Painting Laminate Cabinets

    Painting laminate cabinets offers an inexpensive way to update the appearance of your kitchen in a short amount of time....

    Best Paint for Kitchen Cabinets

    Choosing the best paint for kitchen cabinets doesn't have to be difficult. Learn about the best paint for kitchen cabinets.

    Best Home Office Paint Colors

    These office paint colors are a great way to show off your personality and, in some cases, boost productivity.

    How to Remove Paint from Wood

    What is the best way to remove paint from wood? You can remove the paint from your woodwork easily with...

    How to Chalk Paint Cabinets

    What is chalk paint, how does chalk paint compare to milk paint and how do you chalk paint kitchen cabinets?

    Top 10 Grays for Your Walls

    Gray paint has been at the top of the color trends for a few years, and it's not going anywhere....

    Should You Buy Car Paint Sealant?

    Apply sealant yourself and save money

    Best Dining Room Colors This Year

    The best dining room colors help you create the right mood while also supporting the flow of your home.

    How to Remove Paint from Wood Floors

    If you or someone else has accidentally gotten paint on your wood floors, your next DIY project is removing that...

    Paint Remover for Wood

    We'll tell you where to find the best paint remover for wood and the best way to remove paint from...

    Gorgeous Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors that Make a Splash

    Let your personality shine through and give your kitchen an inexpensive facelift by painting your kitchen cabinets. Here are 10...

    Garage Door Paint Ideas

    The garage is an extension of your home and plays a key role in curb appeal. So what's the best...

    Antique Painted Cabinets: Tips and Techniques to Try at Home

    Update the look of your kitchen by giving your existing cabinets a new, yet old look. Antique painted cabinets give...

    Find the Best Wall Paint Colors for Your Interior Walls

    From light and airy, to dark and moody—we've got 10 tried-and-true interior wall paint colors that are guaranteed to make...

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    There is Still Time to Paint Your House, Which Color Should You Choose?

    Find the right exterior paint color for your home and check out tips on how to paint a home exterior

    The Best Front Door Paint Colors for Max Curb Appeal

    One of the fastest and cheapest ways to up your curb appeal is to paint your front door. Want to...

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    10 Wall Painting Ideas You’ll Want to Add to Your Home

    You want an accent wall that adds more than just a pop of color. You can paint a design that...

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    Pro-Recommended Painting Products

    We're always on the lookout for stuff to help us do our painting jobs better and faster. We scour the...

    Wall Stencils for Painting That Aren’t Tacky

    Want to completely transform the look of a room without spending a fortune? Here are our favorite wall stencils for...

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    Here’s How To Remove Layers of Old Paint On Your Walls

    Learn how to get paint off walls before applying a fresh coat.

    Smart Spindle Painter: Handy Hack for Painting Spindles

    This trick for painting spindles will eliminate your frustrations!

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    Safe and Healthy Spray Painting Tips

    Protect your health and future with a dust mask rated for chemical vapors

    Painting With an Airless Sprayer

    It’s the best way to complete big paint jobs fast or apply a glass-smooth finish