When it comes to home improvement, there ARE not many things that can transform the entire mood of a room like a good paint job.

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Washing Walls Before Painting Guide

Get your interior painting project off on the right foot by washing walls before painting them. Learn when this is...

Pantone Officially Reveals the 2020 Color of the Year

Pantone just named its "Color of the Year" for the first year of the new decade. Learn more about their...

Check Out These Peel-and-Stick Paint Samples (Plus Other Painting Innovations)

A new way to see paint samples, plus seven more tips, tools and apps that make choosing a paint color,...

Everything to Know About Bathroom Paint

As a professional painter, I always specify the use of bathroom paint on ceilings, walls and trim. I do this...

These Are the Best Paint Colors According to Science

The science of genetics determines eye color and hair color, so why not let science dictate what color you paint...

A Look Back at the Last Decade of Sherwin-Williams’ Color of the Year

Do you take design inspiration from the annual color-of-the-year choices made by color gurus? Take a look at the pick...

How to Paint a Garage Door

Here's how to paint a garage door and get smooth, professional results.

Paint a Room Without Making a Mess!

Protect against spills, splatters and other disasters!

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The Best Tips for Cutting in Paint

Where beginners run into trouble is cutting in along ceilings, moldings and other areas that require a perfectly straight line...

Mineral Spirits vs Paint Thinner

Mineral spirits and paint thinner both work well, but thinner is cheaper

New and Unusual Types of Wall Paint

All paints are different because chemists tweak each component to balance performance for hundreds of different situations. All that tweaking...

How to Fix Peeling Paint

Strategies for making paint jobs last longer

Here’s a Trick to Help Save Solvent (the Earth, Too!)

Learn how to clean, save and re-use paint thinner to clean paintbrushes.

30 Painting Essentials You Should Have In Your Home by Age 30

Whether you own or rent, DIY painting remains a great way to save money on home improvement. Compiling these 30...

How to Paint a China Cabinet with Chalk Paint

Once you discover the joy of chalk paint, it's hard to stop. (This is coming from a person who has...

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How to Clean Paint Rollers and Tray

Save time and money by learning how to clean your paint rollers and tray the right way—and without a lot...

How to Repair Chipped Car Paint in 4 Simple Steps

Repair your car's paint chip now before it mushrooms into a much bigger expense.

Car Paint Repair: Get Touch Up Painting Done in 4 Quick Steps

Fix-up those door dings and nicks in a jiffy with this car paint touch up process.

Everything You Need to Know About Mural Wall Painting

If you've always wanted to paint a mural in your home, these tips and tricks from a pro are just...

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Find the Best Garage Door Paint For Your Home

Painting your garage door significantly improves curb appeal without doing much damage to your pocketbook. The only real question is:...

Save Big By Hiring Contractors Off-Season

Choosing the right time to hire home contractors can save you money and get better quality work. Here's the best...

How to Age Wood – 6 Ways to Weather Wood!

5 ways to speed up the aging process of wood.

What’s Not To Love About Green Wall Paint?

From dark and moody emerald, to light and airy sage; there is a perfect green paint for you. Green is...

Painting Laminate Cabinets

Painting laminate cabinets offers an inexpensive way to update the appearance of your kitchen in a short amount of time.

How to Remove Paint from Wood

What is the best way to remove paint from wood? You can remove the paint from your woodwork easily with...

How to Chalk Paint Cabinets

What is chalk paint, how does chalk paint compare to milk paint and how do you chalk paint kitchen cabinets?

Should You Buy Car Paint Sealant?

Apply sealant yourself and save money

Best Dining Room Colors This Year

The best dining room colors help you create the right mood while also supporting the flow of your home.