When it comes to home improvement, there ARE not many things that can transform the entire mood of a room like a good paint job.

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9 Special Effect Paint Rollers You Have to See

Whether you're looking for a short cut or a creative technique, you'll love these fun paint roller effects.

Replaceable Foam Brush Heads

I buy disposable brushes by the dozen; they’re indispensable for painting little projects, touching up large ones, spreading glue and...

How to Get a Feathered Paint Edge

Wall patches are a problem.

Pencil-Guided Pouring

To pour paints or other liquids without a funnel, hold a pencil across the mouth of the pouring can while you...

Hanger Hack: Dry Paintbrushes Fast

Here’s a handy way to dry and store paint brushes.

No-Curl Paintbrush Soaking

When storing a paint brush overnight in mineral spirits or water, attach a thin stick, slightly longer than the brush, to...

Solutions for Old Paint

A simple solution to free up space in the garage

Disposable Liquid Transporter

When you have to measure a small amount of stain or other liquid for mixing into a larger batch, get...

Smart Door and Window Painting

If you think ahead when you’re installing door or window trim, you can make the painting go much easier.

Painting Tool Drying Cage

Keep an old tomato cage around to use as a repurposed drying station

A Trim for Flux Brushes

Make your flux brushes work better in tight spaces

Digital Paint and Finish Can Labels

Save the instructions on a stain can on your phone

Simple Screw Holder for Spray Painting

Spray painting just got a lot easier

What is Milk Paint?

If you're looking for that naturally rustic look, milk paint is your best bet.

Brush Wrap

After thoroughly cleaning your paint brushes, fold a paper towel around the bristles to keep them straight.

Paint Tight Spots with Custom Foam Brushes

Here’s how to customize a foam paint brush for painting cubbyholes.

Brilliant Paintbrush Cleaning Tip

Extend the life of your paint thinner with this brush-cleaning system.

Belt-Mounted Tape Dispenser

Use your belt as a close-at-hand tape dispenser.

Disposable Touch-Up Container

Need a handy container for small touch-up jobs?

12 Products Inspired by Pantone’s Color of the Year: Ultra Violet

You're ready to add ultra violet—Pantone's Color of the Year—to your decor, but you're not ready to take the plunge...

10 Painting Myths Busted

Whether you call them myths, old wives' tales or common knowledge, there are a lot of things people believe about...

Rubber Band Paint Can Accessory

Keep your paint cans clean with this simple tip

Neater Paint Stripping

Minimize the mess and speed up the work when stripping paint or varnish from old furniture or moldings.

Out-Of-The-Way Paint Brush Storage

Hang your paint brushes up out of harm’s way by installing a couple of screw eyes or cup hooks on...

Chalk Paint, Milk, Mineral or Latex—Which Paint is Best for Your Refinishing Project?

The rise in popularity of chalk-based refinishing paints has made it easier than ever to take on a paint project...

Detergent-Free Paint Caddy

Here’s a custom paint dispenser featuring (1) a wide opening, (2) brush storage, (3) a convenient handle and (4) a...

How to Add Color to Treated Wood

Decide if you'd prefer a solid color or semitransparent color.