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Keep the air flowing with our latest buying guides and advice on getting the right air compressor for the job.

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Running Compressed Air Lines in a Shop

Not all pipe can handle high-pressure air

How to Choose a Small Air Compressor

We sorted through the specs, tried them out and found eight great models of small air compressors.

Air Compressor Cart

Mobilize your air compressor and accessories

How to Fix an Air Compressor

Air compressor stalling? Save money and fix it yourself.

The Best Portable Inflator for Camping and More

Air mattresses, inflatable beds, tires, balls, swimming pools— we spend a lot of time fiddling with hand pumps and air...

A Wheel-y Portable Compressor!

Make your compressor easily portable. Here's how:

Reader Project: Compressor Mobile

I got tired of making three or four trips from my garage to the project I was working on while

Compressor Creeper

I store my heavy air compressor on a mechanic's creeper to make it easier to move around my shop and...

Metal Roofing Catches On in Mainstream Neighborhoods

Metal roofing is for more than just new homes.