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Small Engines

The heart of outdoor power equipment, learn from our experts important small engine maintenance and repair projects to keep your machinery performing to its potential.

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    How to Test a Spark Plug to See If It’s Working

    Every small gasoline engine has a spark plug, and this key component requires periodic inspection and testing. Learn how to do it here.

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    How to Clean a Small-Engine Spark Plug

    All small engines have a spark plug, and cleaning spark plugs from time to time helps keep your equipment running...

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    Why Is There Oil On My Spark Plugs?

    Got a two-stroke engine running rough or not at all? Oil could be the problem. If you're wondering why there's...

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    What Are the Signs That a Spark Plug Is Bad?

    Having trouble with an engine that won't start or runs rough? A bad spark plug could be the culprit. Here's...

    How to Repair Small Engines: Cleaning the Carburetor

    Don't Google "small engine repair near me" the next time your lawnmower sputters. Learn how to do it yourself. Small...

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    What Type of Lawn Mower Oil Should I Use

    Your lawn mower needs the right kind of engine oil used in the right way. Read on to learn about...

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    Safety Basics to Prep Power Yard Equipment for Spring

    It's springtime! Time to get outside and do yard work. Here are 10 tips to keep your outdoor power equipment...

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    10 Things You Should Know About Gasoline

    Do you think premium gas is free of ethanol and the best choice for small engines? Do you ever treat...

    Why is My Lawn Mower Smoking?

    Leaking oil from the exhaust is the usual cause of blue, white or black smoke from a lawn mower. Learn...

    Lawn Mower Won’t Start

    Learn the reasons why a lawn mower won't start after winter or during peak season, and how to fix those...

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    How to Replace Spark Plugs

    Save big on car maintenance costs by changing spark plugs yourself!

    What You Need to Know to Adjust a Spark Plug Gap

    Be sure to set and adjust the spark plug gap for your particular engine!

    Replace Bad Spark Plug Wires Before They Wear Out

    Change the wires now to prevent big problems later

    How to Buy Spark Plugs

    Get better performance

    Iridium Spark Plugs for Small Engines

    Get faster, more reliable starts

    Small Engine Start Up Tips

    Give your starter-cord arm a rest while you run these basic diagnostic tests

    How to Tune Up a Lawn Mower

    Keep your mower running smoothly and efficiently.

    How to Test an Ignition Coil

    Test the ignition coil quickly and easily with a simple ignition system tester

    Keep Your Automotive Tools at Your Fingertips

    I really like my trusty rolling mechanic’s stool because it saves my knees when I work on cars and small...

    Stale Gas Could Be Killing Your Small Engine

    Small-engine mechanics tell us that stale gas is what keeps them employed and busy.