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What Is the New Gooseneck Paint Brush?

Banish the idea of "unreachable" places to paint with a gooseneck paintbrush.

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Stuff We Love: A Step Up On Ladders

Stay safe and be productive with these two high performance ladders and an ingenious accessory.

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Watch Your Step: Stepladder Safety Basics

Ladder accidents cause 160,000 injuries and 300 deaths per year. Stay safe by taking a few moments to prepare for...

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100 Car Maintenance Tasks You Can Do on Your Own

Car maintenance seems daunting at first, but start small and work up the car repair ladder. Here are 100 car...

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What to Know About Attic Ladders

Do you have unused storage space in your attic? Install an attic ladder to reclaim it.

How to Install an Attic Lift

Send heavy loads to the attic—with the press of a button

How to Make a Blanket Ladder with Dowels

This how to make a blanket ladder project is so simple and on-trend! Learn how to make a high-end-looking blanket...

Easy Garage Storage Solutions

4 quick and simple DIY storage projects

10 Super Useful Ladder Hacks for Homeowners

These brilliant tips will help you work safer and smarter with your ladders.

10 Ways to Repurpose Repurposing Projects That Aren’t Trendy Anymore

Tired of your mason jar lanterns or ladder shelves? With our tongue firmly planted in our cheek, we came up...

How to Make a Nonslip Ladder

Put some safety features on your ladder

Why You Should Use Plastic Grocery Bags for Washing Windows

Stop making unnecessary trips up and down a ladder when window washing

Weight Loss Secrets for Your Tool Belt

You can lighten your load by carrying smaller, multipurpose tools. That's helpful anytime, but especially if you'll be working from...

Never, Ever Use Your Ladder Like This

This window washer is making the most of a ladder that’s too short. But if his luck runs out, he’ll...

Hang ‘Em Out to Dry Ladder Drying Rack

Painting objects like louvered shutters can be a real problem.

The Top 12 Household Cleaning Tips For The Really Tough Stuff

Even the most stubborn stains and hard-to-reach spots are no match for these secret cleaning solutions.

Simple Ladder Transportation

Get longer items hauled securely and save room in the bed of your truck

Ladder Hack: Onboard Tool Storage

Stop the busy work of climbing up and down a ladder

Ladder Topper Tip

Stop hauling that tool belt around everywhere, especially when working on a ladder.


That extension ladder is hard enough to maneuver. Try out this tip for easy transport.

Stud Stick

Get your studs marked without climbing the ladder.

DIY Magnetic Tape Measure

You'll want to add a magnet to the end of every tape measure after reading this tip!

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Stuff We Love: Little Giant LT-22 Ladder

Stuff We Love: Little Giant LT-22 Ladder

Stepladder Outboard Support

Set a folding ladder beside a saw, clamp a narrow board to the ladder with C-clamps so the board lies...

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Store Sheet Goods on a Ladder

Got a decade’s worth of leftover pieces of plywood, drywall and plastic laminate and spare boards? Here’s how to round...

Solution for a Slippery Ladder

If you place a carpet scrap at the base of a ladder, you can wipe off your shoes before climbing.

Ladder Hack: Bolt Hook

Drilling a hole and attaching a bolt at the top of ladders can help create a spot to hang an...

Ladder Hack: Magnet Extra Hand

Attaching a magnet to the top of ladders to hold nuts, bolts, nails, screws and other metal fasteners can help...

Werner Quickclick Stabilizer

A spring-loaded latch makes it possible to just 'click' the Werner Quickclick Stabilizer onto your extension ladder when you’re ready...


The Add-a-Handle has Velcro straps that hold up to 30 lbs. You can use it to tote tools and materials...