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Secrets of the Sawhorse: 7 Tips and Tricks

A folding metal sawhorse is every tradesman’s best buddy. They’re inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to store. Here are some helpful sawhorse tips to get the most out of your ponies.

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Sawhorse Plans

Five great sawhorses for your DIY workshop

Height-Adjustable Sawhorse

This sawhorse will help you work with longer boards on every power tool in your shop. It’s made from good...

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Saturday Morning Workshop: How To Build An Adjustable Sawhorse

Add these ingenious, handy, adjustable sawhorses to your jobsite arsenal.

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Savvy Sawhorse Table Tips

How to make sawhorses the most useful tools in your arsenal.

Simple Hacks to Maximize Your Sawhorses

How to get the most from folding metal horses—and other breeds

Folding Sawhorses

These sturdy sawhorses will support a hefty load and then fold flat for hanging on a wall. They’re made with...

Hinged Sawhorses

Want more versatility than standard sawhorses can deliver? Support both long and short lumber at the same time or large...

How to Build a Classic Sawhorse

Here’s a classic sawhorse that’ll take a ton of punishment with nary a wobble. The key is a boxlike construction...

Appliance Carton Sawhorses

Reader Guy Lautard sent us this novel tip: Take those cardboard cartons that hold new appliances and turn them into...

Saddles for Sawhorses

The rough, saw-chewed top rails of most sawhorses can scratch finished wood or the painted surfaces on your projects. To

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Build a Portable Sawhorse Table

Learn how to make this solid, multipurpose sawhorse work table.

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How to Build Small Sawhorses

Baby saw horses for the shop