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8 Bad Measuring Habits You Should Drop

Consistently making bad cuts and wasting material? A bad measuring habit may be the cause. Learn about mistakes you may not know you're making.

How to Make Solar-Powered House Numbers

Your dinner guests will never miss your house again once you install these solar-powered house numbers.

Must-Know Pro Tips and Tools for Measuring and Marking

A collection of tips and tools for all the different kinds of measuring and marking that happen on the job.

25 Handy Measuring Hacks All DIYers Should Know

Taking accurate measurements is essential to any DIY project. We've gathered our favorite tips and tricks to take your measuring...

Quick Fix for a Hard to Read Ruler

If you have metal rulers and squares that are hard to read because rust and grime have filled the indentations,...

Best Tape Measures: Reviews and Secrets of the Tape Measure

Tips, features and all-time favorites - read on for advice from people who use their tape measures all day, every...

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How to Use a Tape Measure

You can use a tape measure for more than just measuring.

Tear Out-Saving Tape

Greatly reduce tear out from a jigsaw cut by simply using tape.

DIY Magnetic Tape Measure

You'll want to add a magnet to the end of every tape measure after reading this tip!

The Benefits of Adding a Key-Holed Ruler to Your Workbench

Mount a removable metal ruler on the front edge of your workbench!

How to Use Your Finger to Draw Straight Lines

When you don’t need a perfectly straight line drawn on a piece all you need is a ruler or tape...


Build this compass/ruler to trace every curve a project throws you.

Lathe Tool Rest—Plus a Ruler

With a dry-erase marker, trace gradations right on the tool rest for specific distances for tenons, coves or beads with...

Slant-Ruler Board Divider

Want to divide a board or sheet of plywood perfectly in half, thirds or any other equal fractions? Here’s a...

Measuring Tips and Techniques for DIYers

Use these clever tricks to work faster and better