Garden Tools and Supplies

Cultivators, garden hoes, edgers, rakes, shovels, weeders, blade saws, trowels, pruners and sheers. Find the best garden tools here.

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    5 Best Tree Trimming Tools

    These five tree trimming tools help you prune just about any kind of tree in your yard, no matter how small, tall or overgrown.

    5 Best Digging Shovels of 2021

    Take a look at some of the best shovels available in 2021 no matter what kind of digging you have...

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    Essential Indoor Gardening Tools

    Whether you have just a few pots or a house plant jungle, you'll need some essential indoor gardening tools to...

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    9 Best Garden Tool Organizers for Your Garage

    Gardening season is in full swing, so if you don't have a good garden tool organizer in your garage or...

    How to Keep Deer and Other Pests Away from Your Hostas

    Deer, rabbits and other animals love hostas just as much as gardeners. Here are some easy ways to keep these...

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    Stuff We Love: Garden Hand Tools

    Make your gardening chores a breeze with these three tools that get the green thumbs-up.

    Store Garden Hand Tools: Make a Handmade Toolbox

    Branch handles make this a natural for your garden tools. Find step-by-step plans for making this garden toolbox below.

    10 Best Selling Garden Tools on QVC

    With gardening season in full swing, you might be in the market for some new gardening tools. QVC has everything...

    Top Experts Reveal the 30 Must-Have Garden Products

    Gear up for gardening with one of these amazing garden tools.

    10 Gardening Tools Worth Splurging On

    Don't "cheap" yourself. Sometimes it pays to splurge and get real quality, especially with gardening tools. Here are some examples.

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    15 Best Garden Tools at Harbor Freight

    When the teeth-chattering chill of winter gives way to warmer days, stock up on Harbor Freight's variety of essential garden...

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    How to Sharpen Garden Tools

    After a couple years of service, it's common for your favorite garden tools like garden cutters start losing their edge...

    Tools and Gear Every Vegetable Gardener Needs

    Whether you're a master gardener or looking to start your first vegetable garden, there are plenty of tools that will...

    Best-Reviewed Garden Hand Tools on Amazon

    Get your hands on these garden tools. They're Amazon reviewer approved!

    10 Best-Reviewed Garden Tillers on Amazon

    According to Amazon reviewers, these are the best garden tillers you can buy.

    10 High-Tech Gardening Tools You Need to Get Your Hands On

    Your modern green thumb will love how much easier gardening is with these gadgets and tools.

    12 Best Gardening Tools To Begin Planting

    Gardening will be easier, more productive and, well, just a lot more fun when you have the right tools at...

    How to Use a Fertilizer and Seed Spreader

    This must-have lawn tool spreads everything you need for a healthy, attractive lawn.

    9 Home and Garden Tools That are Easy On Your Back

    Caring for and maintaining your lawn and garden can be backbreaking work. Ease that pain with these ergonomic tools and...

    Garden Tool Storage Ideas

    The right garden tools make gardening easier for sure. But where do you store all those tools? And how do...

    Build a Garden Storage Box

    Keep tools and supplies right next to your garden

    How to Renew Your Garden Tool Handles

    How to restore your garden tools

    How to Sharpen Garden Tools

    Instructions on how to sharpen hedge shears, pruning shears and grass clippers using simple tools.