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      How to Hang Drywall: Pro Tips for Cutting and Installing

      A good framing crew makes drywall hangers whistle while they work. Follow these great hanging suggestions, and you can make...

      Toolipedia: Grout Float

      Toolipedia: Everything you wanted to know about grout floats

      Genius Reciprocating Saw Pro Tips That Will Save You Time and Money

      A reciprocating saw is a powerful, versatile tool. We’ll show you a few tricks to help you get more out...

      Toolipedia: Drywall Screw Gun

      Toolipedia: Everything you wanted to know about drywall screw guns.

      Toolipedia: Wire Strippers

      Toolipedia: Everything you wanted to know about wire strippers

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      What to Know About Coping Trim

      Here's a quick little rundown on what to know about coping trim for inside corners.

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      The Best Cordless Routers and Why You Need One

      These powerful trim routers make it easy to cut the cord

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      A Basic Bench You Can Build On!

      Start with a simple workbench and add features as you need them.

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      Homeowner’s Guide to Paintbrushes

      Choosing the right brush makes all the difference. Here's our list of the best paintbrushes to use for a variety...

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      Compare Different Types of Paintbrushes

      Using the right brush for the job is essential. And knowing which brush is best isn't complicated. Here's a rundown...

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      This Is How Often You Should Be Rebooting Your Router

      Giving your router a break can do more than just speed up your Internet connection.

      25 Handy Measuring Hacks All DIYers Should Know

      Taking accurate measurements is essential to any DIY project. We've gathered our favorite tips and tricks to take your measuring...

      How to Make a Paper Towel Holder for Your Kitchen

      Here's a quick and easy project to manage messes and spills.

      7 Genius Tips and Tricks for Working With Extension Cords

      You can't get much done on a jobsite without extension cords. These field-tested tips for storing and using those cords...

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      Taping Drywall Tips: How to Tape Drywall Joints

      Get the tape coat just right and you're sure to have smooth drywall joints

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      How To Remove Rust from Metal

      Learn three ways how to remove rust from metal and two ways to prevent rust from coming back

      How Do You Know When to Replace Circular Saw Blades?

      Has your circular saw been struggling to cut lately? Here's how to tell when your saw blade is dull and...

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      Sawhorse Plans

      Five great sawhorses for your DIY workshop

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      How to Hang Drywall Like a Pro

      Get that sheetrock up fast

      How to Winterize and Store Garden Hoses

      With old man winter knocking on the door, time to reel in that garden hose. Here are a few tips...

      How to Make Safer, Better Cuts on a Miter Saw

      Our expert, Jerome Worm, has been using a miter saw every day for 30 years. He explains how to get...

      How to Use a Speed Square

      Get the most out of this handy little triangle

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      7 Best Cold Weather Face Masks for Coronavirus

      Stay warm, cozy and stylish this winter with these doctor-recommended face masks for cold weather, from neck gaiters to reusable...

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      Simple Workbench Plans

      Buy this PDF & Cut List

      With this workbench plan even a beginner can build a workbench...

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      What to Know About Painter’s Tape

      Masking off a room properly is the key to achieving razor-sharp lines and avoiding messy cleanup. Here's how to use...

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      Make Painting Easier With the 2-Edge Putty Knife

      A five-way putty knife is a useful multi-tasking tool, but add a utility blade on the other end and you've...