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10 Landscaping and Gardening Myths You Need to Stop Believing

A lot of good gardening advice has been passed down through the generations, but some erroneous recommendations have trickled down...

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3 Stellar Tools Made in the USA

Now's the perfect time to add these American-made tools to your collection.

8 Products to Splurge on This Week

Treat yourself to one (or more!) of these favorite products for DIYers.

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The Best Electric and Gas Pressure Washers: Reviews and Buying Tips

Once you use a pressure washer, you'll know it's a tool you can't live without. We tested and provided 10...

The Best Wheelbarrows of 2022

Tired of the same wobbly, scratched-up wheelbarrow? Upgrade to one of these 11 innovative models, with some of the most...

7 Amazing Products for Every Homeowner

These seven products will make your home a DIY haven. Find out what the Family Handyman editors are falling in...

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Why Hostas Attract Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds and hostas are both treasured by gardeners. See why they go well together.

12 Best Reviewed Hand Tools to Buy on Amazon

Thanks to the reviews of thousands of users, Amazon gave us a glimpse into the top hand tools on their...

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The Best Wireless Routers to Speed Up Your Internet

Keep your internet from getting bogged down with the best wireless routers for fast performance at the farthest range possible.

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The Best New Things at Harbor Freight Right Now

We took a deep dive into Harbor Freight’s New Items page and selected 10 already garnering rave reviews.

15 Must-Have Additions to Any Homeowner’s Toolbox

Is your homeowner tool kit up to the task? Here are our recommendations for a good homeowner tool set.

Top Experts Reveal the 30 Must-Have Garden Products

Gear up for gardening with one of these amazing garden tools.

Oscillating Tool Reviews: Learn How to Find the Best Oscillating Tool

Buying an oscillating tool? Read these reviews first.

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Find the Best Hole Saw: Milwaukee Big Hawg Hole Cutter Review

Milwaukee's Big Hawg Hole Cutter can do some big things.

Which Diamond Blades Are Best?

Avoid spending a bunch of money on the wrong blade.

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What to Look For When Buying a Tape Measure

You probably use your tape measure for basic measurements, but it can do a whole lot more than that. Here...

Best in DIY Sliding Miter Saws

We review 8 popular brands of 10-in. sliding compound miter saws, along with some features to look out for when...

Best Socket Set

Our expert shows you what features to look for when buying your next socket set

Utility Knife Dot Hack

I must have 4 or 5 utility knives at different spots around the house. And sometimes when they get dull,...

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Best Portable Table Saw Reviews

Our team of experts reviews seven portable table saws that are ideal for DIY home use. We'll help you choose...

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36 Miter Saw Tips and Tool Reviews

A miter saw is an extremely useful home improvement tool. Learn something new about this workshop workhorse in the following...

Chicago Electric 69684 Mitersaw Review

The “why pay more?” saw

2 Stroke Engines: Use Single-Mix Oil

No more worry about oil/gas ratios

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Best Car Seat and Interior Cleaners of 2022

These products are the best car seat cleaners to help keep your upholstery smelling fresh and looking good.