Tool Boxes

Keeping tools organized and in the right place has never been easier. Get the best tool boxes and bags for your workshop storage needs.

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    10 Basic Tools Needed for Most DIY Projects

    The absolutely essential building blocks for a proper DIY toolbox.

    30 Amazon Best Sellers Under $30

    For the DIY fanatic, no project is complete without an addition to their toolbox. Here are 30 Amazon best sellers...

    20 Best Tools Found on Amazon for Your Home Tool Kit

    Whether you're building your first tool kit or looking to upgrade some essential items, online resources such as Amazon have...

    15 Must-Have Additions to Any Homeowner’s Toolbox

    Is your homeowner tool kit up to the task? Here are our recommendations for a good homeowner tool set.

    Store Garden Hand Tools: Make a Handmade Toolbox

    Branch handles make this a natural for your garden tools. Find step-by-step plans for making this garden toolbox below.

    Reader Project: Toolbox with Radio

    Turn an old toolbox into a high-tech tool box with radio combo.

    25 Grilling Tools You Need This Season

    Take your backyard barbecue to a whole new level with these 25 must-have grilling tools. From high-tech to quirky to...

    Seriously Cheap Magnetic Toolbox Labels

    Stop the guesswork and know where everything is with magnetic toolbox labels.

    No Toolbox? Here are 10 Alternatives That Really Work

    You want to keep your tools organized, but with various jobs and tools for every task, keeping things in order...

    10 Expertly Efficient Workshop Tools Every DIYer Should Own

    Find out why you need these in your toolbox ASAP. These are the products our editors and DIY gurus are...

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    The Best Drill Bits for Your Toolbox

    See why we fell in love with some of the best drill bits out there.

    No Toolbox? Here are 10 Alternatives That Really Work

    You want to keep your tools organized, but with various jobs and tools for every task, keeping things in order...

    These Durable Sticky Notes Belong in Every DIYer’s Toolbox

    These durable sticky notes hold up in tough conditions, indoors and out.

    10 Incredible Drill Hacks You Need to Know

    Innovations like extended-life batteries, variable speeds controls, and keyless chucks have made the humble drill one of the most useful...

    All-Purpose Tool Caddies

    The tool caddies that are available at most home centers and hardware stores make great organizers for all kinds of...

    Portable Hot Glue Hack

    I like to be ready for anything, including making a quick repair with hot glue. But there's not always a...

    Get a Well-Lit Toolbox

    Bring your tools out of the dark with a cooler light

    PVC Hack: Adjustable Table Height

    This PVC hack will make working on crafts or in the shop a lot easier

    ‘The Price is Right’ Tool Caddy

    When working on small home projects, I’d fill my hands and pockets with assorted tools so the right tool was...

    No-Scratch Toolbox

    A pad of carpet on the bottom of a toolbox will save a ton of scratches.

    Extension Cord Coil Keepers

    Extension cord coil keepers Here are three easy ways to keep cords tightly coiled, even when they fall off the...

    Scrounger’s Toolbox

    Want a tool case you’ll actually use? Outfitted with a hunk of plastic foam to hold router bits, this 1960s-vintage

    Chap Stick for the Toolbox

    Did you know lip balm such as Chap Stick can be used to lubricate screws when working with hardwoods? Smear...

    Repair Damaged Nuts and Bolts

    Restore stripped threads quickly with a rethreading kit

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    DIY Quiz: What is This Tool Used For?

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    It’s Elementary: Teaching Kids to DIY

    With a little extra time and a can-do attitude, kids can DIY too!