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      10 Ways To Use Wallpaper in Your Bathroom

      Ready to add color, pattern and jaw-dropping style to your bathroom? All you need is a roll or two of wallpaper!

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      How To Get Cat Urine and Its Smell Out of Clothes

      You love your cat, but don't love cat pee or its smell. Find out how to get cat pee out...

      Ruggable and Jonathan Adler Teamed Up to Create Washable Rugs

      Ruggable and Jonathan Adler have officially joined forces to make the most stylish washable rugs we've seen yet.

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      10 Best Bar Stools of 2021

      Whether at the kitchen island, outdoor bar or your adjustable-height desk, bar stools are a must. Here are some of...

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      8 Best Microfiber Cleaning Cloths of 2021

      Lightweight and chemical-free, ecologically friendly microfiber cleaning cloths leave surfaces squeaky clean and shiny.

      What is Heat Lightning … and Is It Dangerous?

      Ever seen flashes in the sky on a hot day you can't quite explain? You might be witnessing what some...

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      Mite Bites: What To Know

      Break out the magnifying glass to get a better look at the microscopic mite, a parasitic organism that can make...

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      What to Know About Mites

      While many harmless species of mites live in our homes and on our bodies, there are a few types that...

      10 Tips for Wood Floor Scratch Repair

      Do you have ugly scratches in your wood floors? In many cases you can make those imperfections go away—or at...

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      6 Best Car Vacuums For Cleaning Inside Your Vehicle

      Do you know what to look for in a car vacuum cleaner? Here's our shortlist of the best car vacuum...

      Ventilated Shop Vacuum Attachment

      Get better suction with your shop vac—here's how:

      Homeowner’s Guide to Buying Rugs Online

      Here's how to buy rugs online. We spoke to a rug expert and ordered three rugs online to demystify the...

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      What to Know About HSPF Ratings

      Buying a new heat pump but don't know HSPF means? Discover what HSPF is, why it's important and how it...

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      We Tried It: Thermacell Mosquito Repellent

      If you're looking to keep mosquitoes away from your campsite or a backyard gathering, the Thermacell has you covered.

      15 Surprisingly Cool Projects Made With Paint Samples

      If you've painted any part of your home recently, you might still have some paint sample chips around. These samples...

      10 Inexpensive Upgrades for a More Sustainable Home

      Sustainability is more than just a buzzword. In today's world, it's a lifestyle. Sustainable homes reduce their impact on the...

      11 Design Rules You Should Never Break

      If you're looking to transform the look of a room or your entire home, it can be difficult to get...

      9 Ideas for a Textured Accent Wall

      An accent wall is a great way to update a room, whether it's used in the living room, a bedroom...

      13 Stunning Dark Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

      For the better part of the last decade, homeowners, decorators and builders alike have transformed kitchens with the popular Tuscan...

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      Should You Get a Collar for Your Cat?

      A collar is more than just a cute accessory for your cat. It's a tool that provides safety and security...

      8 Best Carpet Cleaners and Pet Stain Removers of 2021

      Accidents happen, but the right pet carpet cleaner will keep your floors looking immaculate — even if you have multiple...

      9 Ways to Dry Clothes Without a Dryer

      Whether your dryer is kaput or you're looking for ways to save energy, drying clothes without a dryer isn't as...

      Reader Project: A Really, Really Green House

      Sherman Vomacka has quite the unique place. He lives in Gregory, South Dakota, where the winter months can be brutally cold....

      Recycled Building Materials Made from Trash

      Whether it's a pair of tattered jeans, a landfill-bound glass bottle or a bald tire, post-consumer waste is a massive...

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      50 Wildest Home Designs You’ve Got to See to Believe

      Can you imagine living in one of these wild homes?

      8 Home Improvement Materials That You Can Recycle

      Home improvement materials are increasingly judged by their ecological impact. What do you have that could be recycled?

      10 Things Other Countries Recycle But the U.S. Doesn’t

      The United States lags far behind other countries when it comes to recycling, and the inability to recycle certain products...

      The 9 Most Recyclable Materials on the Planet

      All of these materials are recyclable. Do your part by disposing of them properly to help conserve the environment.

      20 Backyard BBQ Tips for Memorial Day

      Celebrate summer and look like an expert grillmaster with these brilliant BBQ tips

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      DIY Kitchen Project: Off-the-Counter Produce Storage

      This wall-mounted produce storage project also serves as a reminder to your family to eat fresh, healthy meals and snacks.