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Keep the house up to date and in-season with a wide array of home improvement topics and ideas.

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    How To Clean an Oven With Lemon

    Do you have a dirty oven? How about a couple of lemons? That, and two hours, are all you need to clean your oven with lemon and have it shining like new.

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    What Are Cars Made Of Other Than Steel?

    Your car or truck is made of extraordinary materials. Read on to learn what they are.

    The Best After-Christmas Sales—Save Up to 70% on Home Improvement, DIY and Workwear

    These after-Christmas sales on everything from tools to workwear were worth the wait! Shop deep discounts on top brands like...

    4 DIY Home Security Hacks for Reinforcing Your Front Door

    Up your home security with these simple and cost-effective hacks to reinforce your front door.

    The 5 Best Gas Snow Blowers of 2022

    When it snows, you need to be ready! Whether you have a long driveway or a small sidewalk to clear,...

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    11 Storage Tips for Cutting Clutter

    Need more places to store your stuff? We asked our pro storage gurus for their favorite storage tips and advice.

    Disco Balls Are the Shameless New Decor Trend That Will Add a Little Fun to Your Space

    Discover the best disco ball decor ideas to add a pop of fun and playfulness to your space.

    8 Advent Calendars That Double As Holiday Decor

    Count down each day until Christmas with a fun advent calendar. These festive options are pretty enough to double as...

    8 Ways to Make It Look Like You’re Home And Fool Burglars

    Any home-security expert will tell you would-be burglars know how to spot the signs someone is out of town. Stay...

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    How to Hang an Upside Down Christmas Tree

    Looking for a show-stopping holiday decoration? We'll show you how to set up and decorate a gravity-defying upside down Christmas...

    14 Best Christmas Plants and Flowers for the Holiday Season

    Decorating with Christmas plants and flowers is a great holiday tradition to start or continue in your home.

    Make Room in Your Cart—These Wayfair Black Friday Deals Are Too Good to Miss!

    Yes, way—these Wayfair Black Friday deals (up to 80% off!) can't wait to meet each other in your shopping cart.

    Home Security Tips: Guide To Making Your Home Safer

    A safety and security expert shares ways to make your home safer with easy upgrades around the home.

    13 Christmas Light Dangers You Need To Know

    Christmas lights can present a hazard inside and outside the house if precautions aren't taken. Make sure you know these...

    What Are Your Neighbors Really Judging About Your Home?

    Do you get along with your neighbors? A lot of people don't. Bring peace to your neighborhood by looking out...

    Solar Panel Maintenance Guide

    From droughts to blizzards, here's how to keep your residential solar panels performing at their peak.

    Rats vs. Mice: Which Causes More Damage to Your Home?

    Mice and rats love to gnaw, and your house is a buffet of wood, drywall, plastic and electrical wires. Which...

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    What To Know About Solar Batteries

    Solar battery technology has advanced in leaps and bounds in recent years. Here's what makes a battery a solar battery.

    These Shower Shelves Are the TikTok Viral Bathroom Upgrade Everyone Needs

    I've used these bathroom shower shelves for over a year and I'm obsessed. They're easy to install, and most importantly,...

    Cleaning Hacks 101: “CleanTok” Dos and Don’ts

    The cleaning niche of TikTok, dubbed "CleanTok," is filled with tips, tricks and hacks. But which ones are good ideas...

    Why the TikTok “Product Overload” Trend Is So Dangerous

    Love a good cleaning trend? Don't try this one at home. Why "product overload" is just as stupid and dangerous...

    11 Little Free Libraries Built by Family Handyman Readers

    Following up on our first Community Project, 11 readers sent us photos of their Little Free Libraries.

    Can You Really Use Ladybugs To Get Aphids Off Your Plants?

    We love ladybugs for a good reason. They eat those nasty aphids that are sucking the life out of our...

    Does This TikTok Hack with Orange Peels Get Rid of Ants?

    Has a bad bite convinced you get rid of those pesky ants once and for all? We checked out this...

    Everything You Need To Know About Watering Houseplants

    With a little know-how, even a rookie can keep the thirstiest houseplants hydrated and happy.

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    Will This TikTok Hack Make Your Bed Smell Fresher?

    Who doesn't want their bed to "smell like a dream"? But nothing is as easy as it seems.

    Can This Lavender Water TikTok Hack Really Get Rid of Cockroaches?

    Face it: If you see cockroaches in your house, you'll try anything to kill them. Can this TikTok hack really...

    Can This TikTok Massage Gun Hack Help Clean Your Car?

    A day at the beach can mean a lifetime of sand in your car. The latest TikTok cleaning hack claims...

    Greenhouses & Acreage

    The projects and features in our greenhouse and acreage package are a modernized take on living on and with the...

    How to Install An Off-Grid Solar Power System

    Run power where you need it.


    Does This DIY Swamp Cooler TikTok Hack Work?

    Summer temps are heating up. We tested this TikTok swamp cooler hack that claims to cool you down. Did it...