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    13 Christmas Light Dangers You Need To Know

    Christmas lights can present a hazard inside and outside the house if precautions aren't taken. Make sure you know these Christmas light dangers.

    11 Little Free Libraries Built by Family Handyman Readers

    Following up on our first Community Project, 11 readers sent us photos of their Little Free Libraries.

    Will This TikTok Hack Make Your Bed Smell Fresher?

    Who doesn't want their bed to "smell like a dream"? But nothing is as easy as it seems.

    Try This Hack for Building an Inexpensive Glass Panel Door

    Make a glass panel door yourself without breaking the bank.

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    15 Home Painting Ideas to Upgrade Your Home

    The easiest and most affordable way to transform a room is with paint! Check out these colorful home painting ideas...

    10 Stylish Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

    Find fab ideas about how to decorate for a Thanksgiving dinner that your guests won't soon forget.

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    10 Thanksgiving Activities for Entertaining Kids

    Keep your kids entertained this Thanksgiving with these fun ideas!

    10 Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas To Complete Your Holiday Table

    Create a beautiful holiday tablescape with these creative Thanksgiving centerpieces you can make yourself!

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    10 Ways To Add Thanksgiving Table Space

    If it's your turn to host the family festivities this Thanksgiving, but you aren't blessed with a table for 12...

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    9 Ideas to Remodel Your Bedroom

    From a full renovation to a little redecoration, there are plenty of ways to remodel a bedroom.

    9 Best Wreath Hangers for a Door or Window

    The best wreath hangers never damage doors and always put you in the holiday spirit.

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    10 Bathroom Furniture and Seating Ideas

    Bathroom furniture is more than just cabinets and vanities. Add luxury to your space with a chair, stool or bench.

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    Small Walk-In Closet Ideas

    A walk-in closet is always a plus, but what if it's tiny? Find out how others have solved this storage...

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    8 Signs You Should Get a Roof Inspection

    Here are some of the warning signs it might be time to take a closer look at the roof over...

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    10 Unique Ways To Hang Christmas Stockings

    These uncommon hangers and stocking displays will help you think outside the box (or mantel!) when hanging your Christmas stockings...

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    10 DIY Towel Rack Ideas for Your Spa Bathroom

    It's time to ditch that boring metal towel bar. Check out these uncommon DIY towel rack ideas.

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    7 Eye-Popping Nanoleaf Design Ideas

    Get inspired by these Nanoleaf design ideas to bathe your home with a new kind of smart light.

    3 Best Smart Toilets for the Tech-Loving Homeowner

    A smart toilet could change the way you see your bathroom. Here are a few of the best options on...

    10 Bathroom Cabinet Ideas for Storage

    Solve your storage challenges with these fresh bathroom cabinet ideas.

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    10 Ways To Use Wallpaper in Your Bathroom

    Ready to add color, pattern and jaw-dropping style to your bathroom? All you need is a roll or two of...

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    6 Types of Cat Litter Boxes

    Find the litter box that best matches your pet and your home.

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    12 Half Bathroom Décor Ideas

    Get ready to wow your guests with these half bathroom decor ideas including creative DIY projects, daring paint colors and...

    How to Choose the Right Projector for Your Home Theater

    Projectors are a great way to bring the movie theater experience into your home.

    Ruggable and Jonathan Adler Teamed Up to Create Washable Rugs

    Ruggable and Jonathan Adler have officially joined forces to make the most stylish washable rugs we've seen yet.

    Family Handyman Reader Projects: Indoor Spaces

    Family Handyman readers were busy during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in 2020, diving into their to-do lists. Here we take...

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    8 Tips for Installing Home Air Conditioning

    If you're considering a central air conditioner install for your new or existing home, consider these tips before making any...

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    8 Types of Air Conditioners

    Looking to buy an air conditioner? Here's a roundup of eight air conditioner types, along with how to assess which...

    6 Best Patio Awning Ideas

    Stay dry in the rain or cool in the shade with these patio awning ideas.

    15 IKEA Add-Ons You’ve Never Heard Of

    Everyone loves IKEA for their streamlined design, price point and functionality—but it can be difficult to customize these pieces in...

    50 Extremely Remote Castles

    If you've ever felt like getting away for a while we've got a list of places where you'll feel like...

    The 50 Biggest Regrets First-Time Home Buyers Have

    It's easy to overlook some of these small yet very important things when you're excited about buying a house—but you'll...