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Keep the house up to date and in-season with a wide array of home improvement topics and ideas.

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Storage Tips for Cutting Clutter

Need more places to store your stuff? We asked our pro storage gurus for their favorite storage tips and advice.

Kitchen Storage: Pull Out Pantry Shelves

Pull out shelves changed my life—and pull out drawers for cabinets will change yours, too!

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What to Do Within the First Year After Moving Into Your New Home

When you move into your new home, there are a number of cleaning tasks, basic projects and upgrades to consider....

Cheap Workshop Updates for the Ultimate DIY Space

Our readers know how to make the most of their home shop space. These 31 updates don’t cost much (or...

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Vintage Family Handyman Project: Under-the-Stairs Storage (Then and Now)

In honor of our 70th anniversary, we recreated one of our most popular storage projects.

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11 Tips for Organizing a Dorm Room

Want to know how to make the most of your shoebox-sized dorm room? Give these space-stretching tips a try.

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Small Workshop Storage Solutions

Tips for getting more storage space out of your small workshop.

Simple Tips to Help You Organize Your Fridge

A cluttered fridge makes it harder to prepare meals and even draw up your grocery list, because you have no...

How to Avoid Adding Clutter on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Use these five simple tips to take advantage of Black Friday deals without bringing clutter into your home.

How to Hang Pictures on Walls: 13 Hanging Hacks for Picture-Perfect Walls

Hanging stuff on your walls can be tedious frustrating, especially if it ends up crooked! These handy hacks will help...

15 Tips for Storing Seasonal Clothes

Wondering how to store seasonal clothes from summer or winter until next year? Let's look at the best ways to...

14 Tips for Moving Furniture

Whether you're relocating or just rearranging, moving heavy furniture is a big job. Use these simple techniques to move heavy,...

How to Store Seasonal Clothes

Find out how to store seasonal clothes with these tips for keeping your garments fresh, pest-free and out of the...

How to Declutter Your Closet

Use these time-tested tips to keep your closet organized and your clothes in tip-top shape.

10 Kitchen Cabinet & Drawer Organizers You Can Build Yourself

These 10 simple kitchen cabinet organization tips show how to turn empty space in kitchen cabinets and drawers into useful...

Garage Storage: DIY Tips and Hints

Is your garage stuffed to the gills with stuff? You're not alone. Nearly everyone's garage can use some organizing and...

30 Handy Hints for Frugal Homeowners

Some may think these handy hints are a bit extreme (or even bordering on hoarder territory), but if you’re a...

Our Ultimate Packing Tips for Moving Tricky Items

Moving? Frustrated with trying to pack up all those awkwardly shaped items like lampshades? Our ultimate guide will show you...

Easy Shelf Ideas: Tips for Home Organization

Check out these shelf ideas: Speedy shelving tips and projects

12 Simple Life Hacks for Organizing Your Home

Professional organizer Jamie Novak shares tried-and-true life hacks for keeping your home in order. Learn what to keep, what to...

Easy Organization

18 tips, hints and ideas to make organization easy and simplify everyday living

Storage: How to Store Clamps

Find the right clamp when you need it! Here's a great collection of tips for storing all the different kinds...

Hardware Storage: DIY Tips and Hints

Putting away little stuff is easy. Finding it again when you need it is the hard part. Not any more....

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Home Organization Tips and Storage Tips

7 of our favorite projects to help you cut the clutter

Installing Large Garage Cabinets

With this 2x2 frame and panel system, you can add 80-plus cubic feet of storage in an afternoon

Workshop Organization Tips

5 one day projects to improve your shop

Tips for Getting Your Garage Clean and Organized

Is 'clean up the garage' always on your to-do list? You can check it off in just one weekend with...

How to Store Clamps

Find the right clamp when you need it! Your workshop can easily turn into the clutter capital of your home....