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    The Right Way to Wash a Sweater

    Never ruin a garment again!

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    How To Care for a Living Christmas Tree

    A living Christmas tree is an eco-friendly and hands-on way to celebrate the holiday. Discover if it's the right choice...

    We Compared Hoover vs. Bissell Carpet Cleaners for Pet Stains—Here’s How to Choose

    Who wins in the Hoover vs. Bissell carpet cleaner debate for cleaning pet messes? Here is what the experts, reviewers...

    10 Christmas Coffee Table Decor Ideas

    While dressing your house for the holidays, don't forget the coffee table! Check out these stylish and festive ideas.

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    10 Unusual Uses for Baby Oil

    The common household item isn't just for babies!

    11 Motorcycle Detailing Tips

    Get your motorcycle looking pristine with these motorcycle detailing tricks.

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    How To Make Acorn Baubles

    Looking for some fall decor to liven up your space? Make these simple acorn baubles that can be hung in...

    This New App Keeps Home Pros on Speed Dial

    The company calls it "the future of home services."

    What Is a Renocation?

    Is a renocation all it's cracked up to be? We look at the recently coined term, and why you might...

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    How to Mix Patterns When Decorating

    These tips will help you design a space that's wholly your own.

    How To Tell If an Apple AirTag Is Tracking You and What To Do About It

    Although rare, Apple's AirTag devices have been used to track the movements of unsuspecting victims. Here's how to spot this.

    Why Quiet Luxury Is One of the Top Home Design Trends

    How to spot and recreate the latest trend in interior design.

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    What’s the Best Paint to Use for Pumpkins This Halloween?

    We asked museum directors what paint they use at their annual pumpkin painting workshops. Take their advice and create your...

    What Is Creosote and Why Is It Dangerous?

    Concerned about creosote? Learn what it is, where you might find it in and around your home and how to...

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    Why This Is the Week to Review Your Fire Safety Plans

    It's Fire Prevention Week 2023. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

    The UN Wants Construction to Decarbonize. Here’s How.

    The UN has a plan to reduce carbon emissions and reach net zero by 2030. Here's what it involves.

    The New Tineco Pure One Station Self Cleans the Entire Machine (Really!)

    The Tineco Pure One Station is my new favorite vacuum cleaner—here’s why.

    What To Do in the Aftermath of a House Fire

    House fires are our nation's most frequent disaster. Here's what to do next if tragedy strikes your home.

    Cars Decorated for Halloween: Should You Do It?

    Looking to up your Halloween game this year? Give your car a costume!

    How To Repair Cracks and Chips in Your Windshield

    Fixing a small windshield crack or chip is an easy project that can save real money.

    Why Plant Caddies Are Essential for Houseplant Lovers

    Save your back and your floor by using a portable plant caddy to display your big houseplants and patio containers.

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    Every Camper Needs to Know How To Use This Friction Hitch

    The Prusik knot is sturdy, adjustable, and incredibly easy to tie.

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    Homeowner’s Guide to Furniture Styles

    Learn to recognize these furniture styles so it's easier for you to navigate all the choices online and in thrift...

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    Types of Furniture and Their Room-By-Room Uses

    The pieces, places and purposes for each type of furniture in your home.

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    6 Types of Smoke Detectors for Your Home

    Working smoke detectors save lives. Here's what you need to know about these important safety devices.

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    A How-To Guide for Buying Furniture

    Life is full of regrets. Don't let your next furniture purchase be one of them. Our guide to how to...

    How To Clean a Jute Rug

    Jute's comfy underfoot and forgiving of dirt and grime — up to a point. Here's how I clean mine.

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    How to Make a Shadow Box

    Create a shadow box to display your prized memorabilia, art, trinkets and awards safely and securely. Just follow these DIY...

    When To Decorate for Fall

    You get pumpkin-spicy in July and your neighbor displays red-white-and-blue festoons until Halloween. Here's how to read the fall decorating...

    Do Mosquito Lawn Sprays Work?

    Used properly, mosquito lawn sprays can be part of a targeted strategy to keep those flying pests away from your...