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24 Spooky Ideas For Decorating Your Home This Halloween

Although many people love decorating for Christmas, others go all out decking the house for Halloween. These tips will help you make your house extra fun and spooky this year.

12 Scary Outdoor Halloween Yard Decorations

Give your home's facade a haunted makeover with these truly terrifying Halloween yard decorations.

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The 10 Best Types of Christmas Trees

A real Christmas tree can fill your home with fragrance and provide an awesome centerpiece for your decorations. Here's a...

What’s Up With the Holiday Tradition of Kissing Under the Mistletoe?

Get answers to the questions you've always had about this holiday tradition.

Does a Potted Norfolk Island Pine Make a Good Christmas Tree?

Does a Potted Norfolk Island Pine Make a Good Christmas Tree?

8 Fall Landscaping Myths You Need to Stop Believing

When the air turns crisp and the leaves turn brown, many people's thoughts turn to bonfires, apple cider and Halloween....

How to Install a Flagpole in Your Yard

A telescoping flagpole makes it easy.

Clip-and-Snip Holiday Wreaths

Venture into your backyard to gather materials for these fresh and easy-to-make wreaths. It's the perfect way to tie your...