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Pergola vs. Gazebo: What’s the Difference?

Find out which one might be the better option for your home.

50 Extremely Remote Castles

If you've ever felt like getting away for a while we've got a list of places where you'll feel like...

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5 Lessons We Learned While Building a Deck

When you build a deck from the ground up, you're going to learn some things. Here are some of the...

The Fabulous Homes Where Jennifer Aniston has Lived

Jennifer Aniston will turn 50 this year. Check out some of the fabulous places she's lived.

Coolest Tiny Homes in Each State

Incredible tiny homes are all over the country. Check out the coolest tiny home in each state and the awesome...

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The Biggest Home in Each State That Will Stun You

Check out the biggest houses by square footage in the U.S. The biggest ones might surprise you.

The 50 Most Incredible Mansions Around the World

Picture stepping into one of these incredible mansions!

50 Wildest Home Designs You’ve Got to See to Believe

Can you imagine living in one of these wild homes?

50 Islands You Can Buy

Sure, the $50 million island complexes look nice, but it might be nice to dream of something that's a little...

Vintage Family Handyman Covers from the ‘60s

To celebrate Family Handyman's 70th anniversary, take a look back at these vintage Family Handyman covers from the 1960's.

Best Kit Homes for 2022

Kit homes can be a cost-effective way to build your perfect retreat, but be aware: Some assembly is required.

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How to Design a House: Three Options To Consider

Have you decided to build your dream home or cabin? Here are three ways to translate your vision into a...

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How Much Does It Cost to Build a House?

From the initial building permits to breaking ground to final site cleanup, here's how much you can expect to spend...

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Coffin Cut-Outs and Other Urban Legends You Probably Believe

Have you heard the one about the staircase built specifically to trip up burglars? Let's bust six myths about the...

What Houses Used to Look Like 100 Years Ago

Fashion is cyclical, but some things in homes never go out of style.

World’s Tallest Hybrid Timber Tower Under Construction in Australia

This project is taking environmentally-friendly building materials to the next level.

Most Expensive Homes in Each State

Find out which home is the most expensive in your state. Here's a list of the most expensive homes on...

The Reason Why People Despise Open-Concept Homes

Maybe it doesn't feel as homey after all...

10 Underground Homes That are Crazy Cool

Underground homes can cut down on heating and cooling costs significantly. Check out what underground homes look like across the...

51 Tiny Houses That Actually Float

If you've ever wanted to take tiny-house living for a test drive, reserve one of these unique Airbnb homes for...

15 Incredible Tiny Homes You Can Buy Now

Ready to make the move and settle in to small-scale living? Here are 15 tiny homes available on the market...

15 Amazing Tiny Homes

Living well doesn't necessarily mean living large. Check out these 15 amazing tiny homes to learn more about how people...

What’s the Difference Between a Castle and a Palace

What's the difference between a castle and a palace?

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12 Things to Consider Before Building a Tiny Home

So you’ve had enough of the big house, big yard and the responsibilities that come with that. You’ve got your...

Why the Direction Your Home Faces Matters

You might not think about it when you're looking at houses, but you'll notice that the direction your home faces...

The 15 Best Tiny Homes to Buy After Retirement

Buying a tiny home for retirement is an excellent way to shave expenses. The Family Handyman looks at 15 tiny...

What in the World is a Barndominium?

If you're looking for a home with plenty of room, space to work and get dirty, perhaps it's time to...

What Tiny Homes Are Like Around the World

A tiny home is an awesome way to see the world at a reasonable rate.

28 Houses That Will Make You Think an Extraterrestrial Lives There

In a galaxy not far away, there are some incredible homes that look like they belong to aliens.