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Keep the house up to date and in-season with a wide array of home improvement topics and ideas.

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How to Make a DIY Dog House

Your dog will love it. And so will you.

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How to Keep Dogs Out of Flower Beds

You can prevent dogs from rooting around in your flower beds by employing one of the following methods for how...

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Why Are Dog Noses Wet?

Dogs love to give licks, but is a wet nose a good thing? Here's why dogs have wet noses and...

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Is Mulch Safe for Dogs to Eat?

Mulch can tidy up a garden bed, prevent weeds and help retain moisture. But is it safe for your dog?

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Is Grass Safe for Dogs to Eat?

Your dog loves to eat grass, and sometimes he gets sick immediately after eating it. Why do they do this,...

18 Quiet Dogs That Don’t Bark (Too Much)

Looking for a dog that keeps its bark on the down-low? Animal behaviorists say these quiet breeds could be a...

8 Pets to Get If You’re Allergic to Cats and Dogs

If you and fur don't mix, you are certainly not alone. The good news is that you've got options.

The 14 Best Puzzle Toys for Bored Dogs

Banish boredom from your dog's life with these clever puzzle toys. Your pooch will be mentally stimulated, physically active, and...

Should You Be Buckling Your Dog & Do Dogs Need Seat Belts?

Humans aren't the only ones who should buckle up. Here's why.

18 Best Dog Breeds for Kids

Looking for a child-friendly fur baby to bring home to your family? Kids and dogs have an almost-magical connection with...

Things You Shouldn’t Own If You Have a Dog

You might not know these common household items are dangerous to dogs.

25 Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed (That Much)

From hairless to wire-haired to water-repellent, here are the top 25 dogs that won't leave fur all over your furniture...

13 Odd Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask Your Dog

Dogs do pretty weird stuff sometimes! Here are expert answers to some questions you've been begging to ask your dog.

This Is Why Your Dog Likes To Eat Its Poop

Or other dog poop, for that matter.

10 Flower Bed Fencing Ideas to Spruce Up Your Landscape

Keep kids and dogs out of your beautiful landscaping with these attractive flower bed fencing ideas.

Here’s Why Dogs Kick Up Your Lawn After They Pee

Yes, there's a reason why the dog is scratching up your lawn!

12 Ways to Keep Your Dog Warm Outside

It doesn't matter what the breed, there's no amount of fur that can keep all dogs safe from winter's tough...

Reader Project: How to Build the Ultimate DIY Dog House

Reader Corey Hosick built the ultimate DIY dog house for his two German Shepard dogs. It's equipped with so many...

20 Pet-Friendly Hotels in Celebration of National Pet Month

Have dogs? Let's travel! From luxury to economy hotel chains, we've rounded up the best dog-friendly lodging options for you...

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

They chase their tail, bury their food and lick, well, pretty much anything. Another thing they tend to do is...

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This Is Why Your Dog Likes to Sniff Another Dog’s Butt

You'll never wonder why dogs sniff each others' butts again.

10 Really Cool Pet Products You Can Buy on Amazon

If you love spoiling your four-legged friends with the latest and greatest stuff, keep reading. These are our favorite finds...

12 Incredible Dog Houses for Your Best Friend

For millions of people across the globe, dogs aren't just pets, they're part of the family. And a beloved member...

15 Clever Pet Products You Can Make at Home

You don't have to spend a fortune to keep your pet well fed and healthily groomed. Here are 15 products...

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The British Royal Family and Their Pets: Which is Your Favorite?

The British Royal Family love their dogs and horses, but they've had some unusual pets, too, (can you guess who...

The Strangest Things Caught By Ring Doorbells

From men in masks to bandit dogs, we've rounded up some truly peculiar sightings captured by the Ring doorbell.

11 Adorable Pictures of Dogs Dressed for Work

These pictures of dogs take the fun of DIYing to a whole new level!

Saturday Morning Workshop: How To Build A Collapsible Dog Ramp

This simple dog ramp collapses down to a compact size that fits easily under a bed or sofa or inside...

The 10 Cutest Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Whether spooky or sweet, Halloween costumes for dogs are probably the only thing that can make your furry friend cuter...