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Earwigs: Are They Dangerous to People and Pets?

Earwigs are an intimidating insect to see around the home. But are they actually dangerous?

An Earwig’s Life Cycle and Infestations in the House

Earwig infestations are quite rare to come across, but knowing more about an earwig's life cycle can help illuminate why...

How to Identify Different Types of Earwigs

With dozens of species found all over the world, you can find a variety of earwig around the home or...

How to Get Rid of Earwigs in the Home and Yard

Earwigs can be frightening to find in the home. See what it takes to remove the pincher bugs and keep...

11 Facts You Need to Know About the Pincher Bug

Think you know everything about earwigs? Here are some quick facts about the pincher bug.

Earwig Pest Control – A Guide to the Common “Pincher Bug”

Finding an earwig in the home can be a startling encounter due to their distinguished pincers. But these common household...