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What to Know About HSPF Ratings

Buying a new heat pump but don't know HSPF means? Discover what HSPF is, why it's important and how it affects your energy bill.

10 Inexpensive Upgrades for a More Sustainable Home

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword. In today's world, it's a lifestyle. Sustainable homes reduce their impact on the...

Reader Project: A Really, Really Green House

Sherman Vomacka has quite the unique place. He lives in Gregory, South Dakota, where the winter months can be brutally cold....

Recycled Building Materials Made from Trash

Whether it's a pair of tattered jeans, a landfill-bound glass bottle or a bald tire, post-consumer waste is a massive...

8 Home Improvement Materials That You Can Recycle

Home improvement materials are increasingly judged by their ecological impact. What do you have that could be recycled?

10 Things Other Countries Recycle But the U.S. Doesn’t

The United States lags far behind other countries when it comes to recycling, and the inability to recycle certain products...

The 9 Most Recyclable Materials on the Planet

All of these materials are recyclable. Do your part by disposing of them properly to help conserve the environment.

How to Dispose of (Almost) Everything

If you're in the process of tidying up and organizing your home, you'll probably come across some items you want...

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10 Ways to Throw a Greener BBQ This Summer

Make your picnic or BBQ a greener affair with these ingenious products for an eco-friendly outdoor gathering.

How to Make Solar-Powered House Numbers

Your dinner guests will never miss your house again once you install these solar-powered house numbers.

11 Things You Didn’t Know About Recycling (But Should!)

Recycling is important to reduce the need for virgin materials. It can also be complicated and confusing. Find out things...

Can You Recycle CDs, DVDs and Other Discs?

Despite the fact that CDs and DVDs are made of plastic, your local curbside recycling program is unlikely to accept...

10 Things You Should Know About Recycling Electronics

The average lifespan of a laptop is two years, and a cell phone is even less. Here are 10 things...

11 Things You Think Are Recyclable But They’re Not

Hold up—don't toss those empty containers in the recycling bin just yet! While it's great to recycle as much as...

Vintage Family Handyman Project: Add a Recycling Center to Your Home

In celebration of Family Handyman's 70th anniversary, we're flipping through the pages of some decades-old magazines and sharing a few...

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The 5 Worst Things to Throw in the Recycling Bin

Don't make the mistake of throwing these items in your home recycling bin.

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WORX Launches New Line of Electric Pressure Washers

WORX appears to have entered the pressure washing market at exactly the right time.

30 Ways to Recycle Just About Anything

There's no reason household cast-offs should be destined for the dump—plenty of nearby agencies are more than willing to give...

13 ‘Going Green’ Myths, Busted

The truth about when to turn off lights or use your air conditioner.

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Here’s What Plastic Recycling Numbers Mean

On most plastic, you'll find a number, from one to seven. That number is a resin identification code used to...

13 Ways Green Living Can Make You Healthier

You know reducing energy and waste is good for the environment, but did you know it's good for your body...

What Is Earth Day?

Curious about what 'Earth Day' actually means? We've got the details here.

17 Things You Can Do For a Greener Home

Going green can be easy. Learn how here.

18 Strange Things You Never Knew You Could Recycle

Don't throw out that clutter quite yet! Make sure to check if those items can be reused with this list...

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