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    We Tried This Endoscope and Were Surprised How Useful It Is for DIYers

    Have you ever wanted to see behind a wall or into a difficult-to-reach small space? Then you’ll want an endoscope.

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    Have You Heard of IFTTT? Here’s What to Know

    If This Then That, or IFTTT for short, puts the internet to work for you. We gave it a try...

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    We Tried It: Flo By Moen Smart Water Valve

    Ready to learn about your water usage and save money? The Flo by Moen smart water valve might be just...

    How To Clean a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

    Here’s the plan — don’t neglect the fan.

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    A Pet Camera To Keep an Eye on Your Furry Friends

    Miss your dog while you're away? The Furbo Dog Camera keeps you connected with real-time video, a treat dispenser and...

    How to Clean a Keyboard

    Computer keyboards collect dirt, dust and grime fast. Here's how to keep them clean.

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    7 Best Color Changing Light Bulbs to Upgrade Your Home Lighting

    The right light color and temperature can help you wake up, fall asleep or set a mood. These light bulbs...

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    Light Bulb Buyer’s Guide

    LEDs are in. Incandescents are out. Here's everything else you need to know about choosing light bulb types for your...

    Why Smart Homes May Be Getting a Lot Smarter in 2022

    "Smart" devices can often seem more frustrating than revolutionary, but a new technology could soon change that.

    The Best Smart Humidifiers For Your Home

    This winter, swap your old humidifier with one of these high-tech smart humidifiers at every price point and preference.

    3 Simple Ways to Automate Your Christmas Lights

    Get more control over your Christmas lights using one of these three convenient methods.

    3 Reasons For The Global Computer Chip Shortage

    The current computer chip shortage is complicating manufacturing at a global level. Here's how we got here.

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    What Is a Smart Meter and How Does It Work?

    Wondering why your local utility company installed smart meters? We'll look at what a smart meter is, and what it...

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    5 Best Smart Christmas Trees for 2022

    Work smarter—not harder—this holiday season with a pre-lit, app-controlled tree. Here are our top choices for smart Christmas...

    Everything You Need to Know About Amazon’s Smart Soap Dispenser

    Bring the new Amazon Smart Soap Dispenser home for an efficient, contactless and connected way to wash those hands.

    3 Best Smart Toilets for the Tech-Loving Homeowner

    A smart toilet could change the way you see your bathroom. Here are a few of the best options on...

    5 Best Smart Showers of 2022

    Get more control over your shower and your morning routine with smart shower technology.

    These LED Bulbs Could Last Up to 50 Years

    See why these lightbulbs could be great for your wallet and the planet.

    How to Choose the Right Projector for Your Home Theater

    Projectors are a great way to bring the movie theater experience into your home.

    Best Buy Labor Day Deals You Won’t Want to Miss: From Samsung to LG

    The Best Buy Labor Day Sale marks where summer ends and savings begin. Discover amazing deals on select appliances for...

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    These Tricks Will Save You When Your Key Fob Dies

    Don't panic if your key fob dies and you don't have a replacement battery. These little-known methods will get you...

    We Tried It: Kasa Smart Light Switches

    Looking to add smart home functionality without breaking the bank? The Kasa Smart Switch is a brilliant solution.

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    The Best Laptops for College Students of 2022

    The wrong laptop can be detrimental to online quizzes, assignments and classes. These choices are well-suited for a college student’s...

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    5 Best Overall Laptops of 2022

    If you find yourself in need of a new computer, one of these options should work for you.

    6 Best Car Vacuums For Cleaning Inside Your Vehicle

    Our short list of the best car vacuum cleaners will keep your ride cleaner than ever.

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    10 Things You Shouldn’t Be Storing on Your Kitchen Countertop

    If you're like most people, you probably use your kitchen counter as a catch-all for various odds and ends, food-related...

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    10 Things You Can Buy on Amazon for Less Than a Dollar

    These crazy deals are almost too good to be true.

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    Should You Have a Water Alarm In Your Home?

    A water alarm alerts you to leaks in vulnerable places in your home, and can help avert serious — and...

    90+ Products That Will Make Your Home Smarter

    These are the home tech products we all went gaga over this year.

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    8 Best Smart Blinds

    Choosing the right smart blinds can be confusing. We break down the options and offer the best choices for every...

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    5 Easy Home Tech Add-Ons

    You don't need to completely rewire your home or spend thousands of dollars to take advantage of advanced technology. Check...