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11 Things You Should Never Do to Your Flat Screen TV

When the big game and awards season come around every year, it's easy to forget just how different those events used to look on screen. TVs have transformed dramatically since their inception. From the revolutionary wide-spread introduction of color TV in the 1960s, back when you had to stand up to change the channel (what a drag!), to console TVs in the '80s (when you watched music videos for the first time), to today's plasma and LED flat screen TVs. And, although they've become the standard, flat screen TVs do require some care and attention, so we advise you to...

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Best Outdoor TVs for Patio Living

Upgrade your outdoor living space this summer with a weatherproof outdoor TV — perfect for watching sporting events or hosting...

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What Is a Smart TV and Why Do I Need One?

If you don't quite understand all the buzz about smart TVs, here's what you need to know about these televisions...

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Does My Smart TV Have a Camera? Is It Spying on Me?

Ever wondered if your smart TV has a camera? Here's what you need to know about these internet-connected devices and...

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9 Products to Help You Clean Your Screens

Sick of seeing smudges and spots on your devices' screens? Clean that phone screen, laptop screen, TV screen and more...

15 Must-Have Smart Products for the Ultimate Super Bowl Party

To create the ultimate Super Bowl LIV party you'll need to step up your game. Here are our picks for...

The Best Black Friday Deals on TVs for 2020

Whether you're looking for something modest or over the top, there are Black Friday deals on TVs for all types...

How to Turn Your TV Into a Smart TV

Smart TVs have enhanced at-home entertainment by making it possible to watch streaming services, like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime,...

The Best TV Buying Guide for Your Home

From dazzling displays to smart features, there's a lot to consider when buying a TV. This guide answers all your...

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How to Properly Clean a Flat TV Screen

Brush the dust off your TV screen the right way with these tips.

How to Wall Mount a TV

Choose the right mount, install it yourself, and save $200