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Find fun arts and crafts for kids and adults alike with these easy to follow step-by-step instructions and project inspirations.

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Decoupage Coasters: How to Turn Cheesy Tourist Maps Into Travel Souvenir Gifts

This step-by-step tutorial shows you how easy it is to make meaningful, attractive gifts that capture cherished travel memories.

12 Kitchen Items Under $25 We’re Buying From The Home Depot’s Huge Fall Sale

The Home Depot is having a huge sale. Here's what we're buying for our kitchens.

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5 Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

Celebrate the creepiest time of year with these five easy DIY Halloween crafts for kids using items you probably already...

Worx Launches New Line of Precision Power Tools For Crafters and DIYers

Worx's new line of precision power tools is designed with versatility and creativity in mind.

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16 Genius Pumpkin Carving Tips You’ll Use from Now On

These pumpkin carving tips are no trick! Find out the secrets to effortless scooping, perfect carving, making the most of...

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10 DIY-Style Kids Subscription Boxes to Help With Distance Learning

Keep distance learning fun and inventive with a kids' DIY subscription box to help them explore STEM, carpentry and the...

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How to Build an Indoor Kids Fort with PVC Pipe

Set aside a couple of hours to build this teepee-style PVC fort for endless hours of customizeable kid fun, indoors...

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Cheap Handy Hints to Fix Common Home Issues

We all have those annoying problems around the house we'd like to fix, but we keep putting off for one...

How to Build a Lego Table

Keep your child’s (or grandchild’s) Lego pieces from wandering.

Indoor Games: Hopscotch

Keep the kids jumping on rainy days

What is Macramé?

Macramé may be the millennial DIY of the moment, but it dates back centuries!

10 DIY Photo Booth Ideas for Your Next Party

If you're planning a party—whether for a wedding, birthday, graduation or just because—a DIY photo booth offers guests a way...

How to Build the Fastest Pinewood Derby Car

Unlock the secrets to the ultimate Pinewood Derby car.

DIY Lego Keychains

You'll always know where your keys are with this handy hint! To make Lego keychains, start by drilling a hole into...

Best Baby Busy Board Ideas Ever

DIY busy boards for kids are everywhere on Pinterest, Etsy and YouTube. We know you'll want to make one, too,...

Best Uses for Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

Smartphone and tablet speakers are just too small and tinny-sounding to produce good output. But crummy sound isn’t limited to...

Fall Leaves on Pumpkins (DIY)

Highlight autumn’s freshest hues on white, orange or pale green pumpkins.