Keep your home sparkling clean inside and out with these projects and tips for a faster and better job.

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    What To Know About Carpet Cleaning

    You owe your carpet some TLC. Keep it looking good and smelling fresh with these smart carpet cleaning strategies and tips.

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    9 Best Vacuums for Every Home

    Whether you're buying a vacuum for the first time or upgrading to a new model, we'll help you find the...

    I Tried Brandless Cleaning Products and Here’s What Happened

    Brandless cleaning products are better for the earth and your wallet. We tested them to see how well they clean.

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    What to Know About Magic Erasers

    Find out what's behind the magic in Magic Erasers.

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    How To Clean Area Rugs Yourself

    Learn how to properly clean area rugs yourself with this step-by-step guide.

    22 Brainy Ways to Use Dryer Sheets at Home

    Who knew dryer sheets had so many uses beyond making laundry smell fresh and feel soft? Here are 22 ways...

    How Bad Is It to Not Wash Your Sheets Every Week?

    No one loves laundry day, but lying in petri dish of germs and bacteria is even less appealing.

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    How to Disinfect Your DIY Face Mask

    Masks need to be cleaned, too. Here are three methods to effectively disinfect your DIY face masks.

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    10 Things You Should Never Clean With Antibacterial Wipes

    Antibacterial wipes are a time-crunched cleaner's best friend, but here are 10 things you should never use them on.

    50 Cleaning Secrets to Make Your Home Shine

    Use these tried-and-true tricks for getting all areas of your home squeaky clean.

    5 Household Items UV Rays Disinfect

    Sunlight is a natural disinfectant—the UV rays can kill off mold, mildew and even bacteria. So take advantage of the...

    14 Things You Should Never Clean with Water

    It might seem like water is the most harmless cleaning agent out there, but there are a few things you...

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    19 Vinegar Cleaning Hacks That’ll Save You Money

    Vinegar is a natural cleaning solution that yields numerous benefits in and around your home — and it's so cheap!

    How to Remove Water From a Flooded Room

    Even minor floods can create major problems if they aren't cleaned up quickly.

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    How to Clean Vinyl Siding

    Techniques for cleaning tough-to-remove stains on vinyl siding, trim and gutters.

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    Why You Shouldn’t Put Microfiber Cloths in the Dryer

    Microfiber cloths do the cleaning for you, but have you ever thought about how they should be cleaned?

    14 Things You Should Never Clean with Windex

    You can't use Windex like an all-purpose cleaner. Cleaning experts weigh in on when Windex should stay in the cleaning...

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    How to Clean the Inside of a Washing Machine

    Time to get this on your cleaning rotation!

    13 Ways You’re Shortening the Life of Your Vacuum Cleaner

    Don't suck the life out of your vacuum cleaner. Follow this advice to help it last longer and run better.

    8 Things You Shouldn’t Clean with S.O.S. Pads

    Using these handy cleaning tools wrong could leave certain household surfaces and objects worse off than you found them.

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    5 Best Car Vacuum Cleaners

    Do you know what to look for in a car vacuum cleaner? Here's our shortlist of the best car vacuum...

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    How Often Can You Wear Reusable Masks Between Washing?

    Wearing a face mask has become a daily practice, and here's what you need to know about how often you...

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    12 Best Cleaning Products for the Bathroom

    These hardworking cleaners make it a whole lot easier to clean and sanitize your bathroom.

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    5 Best Mops for Laminate Floors

    Find the best mop for your laminate floors among these pro-selected standouts.

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    9 Best Steam Cleaners for 2020

    Keep your home clean and virus-free. Check out our handy pro-vetted guide to the best of the best steam cleaners...

    How to Get Rid of Gasoline Smell

    To get rid of that smell, you'll need to do much more than mask it with a sweetly-scented spray.

    7 Common Kitchen Items That Are Crawling With Germs (And It’s Not Just the Sponge)

    The sponge and the sink are obvious culprits, but other everyday kitchen objects can harbor germs that cause foodborne illnesses...

    Best Stick Vacuums for 2020

    Get on the stick with your cleaning routine using one of these vacuums.