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      Recycled Building Materials Made from Trash

      Whether it's a pair of tattered jeans, a landfill-bound glass bottle or a bald tire, post-consumer waste is a massive problem. But more and more companies are taking out the upcycling it into new, durable, cost-effective building materials.

      50 Wildest Home Designs You’ve Got to See to Believe

      Can you imagine living in one of these wild homes?

      8 Home Improvement Materials That You Can Recycle

      Home improvement materials are increasingly judged by their ecological impact. What do you have that could be recycled?

      10 Things Other Countries Recycle But the U.S. Doesn’t

      The United States lags far behind other countries when it comes to recycling, and the inability to recycle certain products...

      The 9 Most Recyclable Materials on the Planet

      All of these materials are recyclable. Do your part by disposing of them properly to help conserve the environment.

      20 Backyard BBQ Tips for Memorial Day

      Celebrate summer and look like an expert grillmaster with these brilliant BBQ tips

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      DIY Kitchen Project: Off-the-Counter Produce Storage

      This wall-mounted produce storage project also serves as a reminder to your family to eat fresh, healthy meals and snacks.

      41 Genius Small Kitchen Storage and Organization Ideas

      Want some seriously brilliant kitchen organization ideas to maximize space & efficiency? Here are 41 kitchen organization hacks that'll make...

      Kitchen Storage: Pull Out Pantry Shelves

      Pull out shelves changed my life—and pull out drawers for cabinets will change yours, too!

      The Ultimate Guide to a Sensible Memorial Day Gathering

      Whether your Memorial Day will be a duo or a dozen, here are a few things you won't want to...

      18 Cheap Kitchen Updates That Look Expensive

      Make your kitchen look like a million bucks—or at least more expensive than what you really paid for these updates....

      Fourth of July Sales You Don’t Want to Miss

      Get your home or yard project done this summer, and save money while you do it! The prices during these...

      Homeowner’s Guide to Safely Setting Off Fireworks

      Does your next celebration involve backyard fireworks? Here's everything you need to know to pull off a safe and stunning...

      7 Best Generators for Powering Your RV

      Choosing the right RV generator matters. Here are our recommendations based on power output, noise level and quality.

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      Best Smart Home Thermostats for 2019

      Control, adjust, and monitor your home's temperature and comfort level with our picks for the best smart home thermostats.

      Entryway Shoe Storage Hacks That Really Work

      These entryway shoe storage ideas will keep clutter at bay while ensuring your most-worn footwear is always easy to find.

      How to Dispose of (Almost) Everything

      If you're in the process of tidying up and organizing your home, you'll probably come across some items you want...

      Compare: Google Home vs Echo Show

      Here we'll compare the two most popular touchscreen models, the Google Nest Hub vs Amazon Echo Show 5 and Google...

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      What Are Spider Mites and How Do You Get Rid of Them?

      Often hard to detected, tiny plant-corrosive spider mites are pests you don't want in your garden, window box or home.

      The States Where Fireworks Are Illegal

      Before you attempt to light up the night with a DIY fireworks spectacle, take a second to see if it's...

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      What To Know About Giant Centipedes

      Get the scoop on giant (desert) centipedes: What they are, where they can be found, if they're dangerous and what...

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      Furniture Pieces You Should Always Buy Used

      Buying used furniture is better for your wallet, the Earth and your local economy — plus, you might find a...

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      Can You Repair Termite Damage To Your Home?

      If you suspect termites are lurking in and around your home, act fast! These nightmare bugs can inflict heavy damage...

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      Termites 101: Everything You Need To Know

      Termites can be the bane of a property owner's existence. Learn how to keep these wood-munchers from eating you out...

      10 Mistakes You’re Making to Attract Mosquitoes to Your Home

      Don't leave a welcome mat for mosquitoes to swarm your home!

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      Best Hardwood Floor Cleaners

      Find the right hardwood floor cleaner to keep your wood floors looking their best.

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      Guide To Furnishing Your Cabin With Log Furniture

      Whether it's a cabin in the woods, a beachside shack or an A-frame, here's your guide to log furniture and...