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Bubble Wrap® Hanger Hack

Hang your dress pants on the Bubble Wrap® hanger hack and in your closet. Next time you want to wear...

Bargain-Basement Bench Dogs

Build this bench dog to make it easy to hold and work on flat and irregularly shaped project parts. Just...

Reader Project: Bike Storage on the Wall

I thought I would share the bike wall storage I made in my garage. If you have a finished garage

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11 Ideas for Organizing Your Living Room

If you have a small living room and need more storage ideas, there are plenty of solutions you can make...

Scrap Wood Computer Shelf

Make this simple-yet-useful computer shelf for your desk with a few pieces of scrap wood and a nail gun. We...

Cooking in Style Flashback

Color changed the look of every cook's kitchen. With the help of Reminisce Magazine, take a look at colorful kitchens...

Reader Project: Are We Really Doing This Kitchen Remodel?

Here is my kitchen remodel. The total project cost $4,100. I built the cabinets from cherry wood that I got from...

12 Awesome Backsplashes that Aren’t Tile

Watching the latest design shows, it can be hard to believe there is a material for backsplashes other than tile....

Instant Drying Rack

Tack a 1x2 board to your overhead joists in a basement laundry room to create more space for air-drying clothes...

16 Reader Projects from The Family Handyman

We love seeing your versions of projects from The Family Handyman—so we’re showing them off! The following 16 reader projects...

Reader Project: Drill Dock

Using The Family Handyman’s Drill Dock project plans, originally published in the September 2017 issue, reader Carle Davis created a

Reader Project: Entry Organizer

Check out this amazing version of The Family Handyman’s Entry Organizer project, originally published in the September 2016 issue. Photo:

Must-Know Garage Storage Tips for Weekend Mechanics

Whether your garage could be confused with a Nascar trailer or you just like to change your brakes, these tips...

The Easiest Way to Hang A Gallery Wall

Learn how to create a gallery wall with these simple steps.

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Custom Garage Storage

The Family Handyman editor, Travis Larson, will show you the features that make this garage storage system truly adaptable and...

8 Tips for a Happy Kitchen Remodel

Planning for a new kitchen? Use these tips to prevent expensive mistakes, eliminate headaches and get the kitchen you want!

Tips for Organizing Open Kitchen Shelves

Open kitchen shelves are an effective way to open up your kitchen while gaining more accessible storage space, making them...

Easy Solutions for Everyday Organization Problems

From the kitchen, to the bathroom, to the garage, to the basement, we have tips and tricks for storing stuff...

Easy-to-Build DIY Mail Organizer

Repurpose an out-of-date accordion closet door and turn it into a central command center for your home. No more piles...

Lower Your Water Bill by Conserving Water

Replace your old water-wasting appliances with ones that have higher water efficiency.

Remove Oil Stains From a Faux Plaster Finish

Remove them quickly with dishwashing detergent

Garage Remodel Tips

Convert your drafty, dingy, spider-infested garage into a bright, comfortable work space

Build a Victorian Screen House

Escape the bugs in style, whether you're entertaining friends or just hanging out

How to Reset a Circuit Breaker

You probably already know how to reset a circuit breaker, but what about your kids or baby-sitter? Use this tutorial...

Installing Large Garage Cabinets

With this 2x2 frame and panel system, you can add 80-plus cubic feet of storage in an afternoon

Waterproofing Products Help Keep Basements Dry

A little inspection and finishing work will go a long way in keeping your basement dry.