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Save Money with a High-Tech Thermostat

Use a two-stage thermostat with a two-stage furnace to save on your heating bill

Tips for Replacing Fluorescent Bulbs

They may look burned out, but don't get rid of them until the light goes bad

Tighten a Loose Outlet

Quick fix for a squishy outlet

Tips for Replacing Vacuum Filters

Bagless vacuums need frequent filter changes

Close Gaps Around Electrical Outlets and Switches

Small air leaks can add up to huge energy losses

Switch to Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs and Save Energy

There are many options available in compact fluorescent bulbs

High-Definition TV Wiring

What you need to know about setting up cables for high-def TV.

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Best Durable Laptops for Construction Pros

Most laptops these days are ultralight and ultra fragile, so you don't want them on the jobsite. Not these. These...