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Great ideas and tips on ways to save money around your home.

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    32 Cheapskate Handy Hints For the Outdoors

    Save those milk jugs, soda cans, pool noodles and other things around your house you thought were useless...

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    Furniture Pieces You Should Always Buy Used

    Buying used furniture is better for your wallet, the Earth and your local economy — plus, you might find a...

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    Best Temperature To Set A Thermostat in Summer

    Too hot? Too cold? Stay comfortable and save on energy bills by figuring out what temperature to set your thermostat...

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    Carpet Cleaning: Pro Service vs. Renting Equipment?

    When it's time to clean your carpet, should you hire a pro or rent DIY carpet cleaning equipment? Here are...

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    How to Budget for Furniture and Decorating Costs for a New Home

    Furnishing and decorating a new home can be fun, but you'll quickly bust your budget if you're not careful when...

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    How to Design a House: Three Options To Consider

    Have you decided to build your dream home or cabin? Here are three ways to translate your vision into a...

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    Fact or Fiction: Does Driving Without AC Actually Save Gas?

    Sure, you can sweat it out without turning on a vehicle's air conditioning. But is it worth the sacrifice?

    30 Products Under $30 That Will Make Living in Your Home So Much Better

    You never knew you needed these products, but they're about to make life at home incredibly efficient.

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    IKEA’s Furniture Buy Back Program Launches Abroad Before Black Friday

    IKEA's new international buy back program gives furniture a second life while reducing landfill waste. It's not available in the...

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    Recognizing and Correcting Common Bath Fan Problems

    A bath fan that isn’t installed properly can cause more damage than no fan at all. But here’s the good...

    How to Dry and Store Garden Herbs

    Stock your pantry with home-dried herbs and save money at the grocery store. Here's how.

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    What Is Amazon Warehouse and Why Should You Shop There?

    Looking for great deals on DIY essentials? Be sure to check out Amazon Warehouse! Here's what it is and why...

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    10 Products That Help Prevent Food Waste

    Extend the life of everything from produce to meat to wine with these 10 highly rated products.

    Deal of The Week: Highly Reviewed Robovacs on Sale

    Wayfair is having a major sale on two of their best-selling robot vacuums. Save hundreds on these devices and check...

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    65 Incredible Uses for Things You Normally Toss

    Cut down on your trash with these ways to reuse and salvage household items.

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    10 Things Menards Employees Won’t Tell You

    Menards is famous for their low prices, but there are tricks to make the most of your trips. Here are...

    9 Things You’re Buying at Target That Are Cheaper on Amazon

    We love Target, but sometimes Amazon has more budget-friendly options that win us over.

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    10 Vegetables You Should Start Indoors

    Even if you're stuck inside you can still start preparing for your vegetable garden. Here are 10 veggies that work...

    30 ‘Shark Tank’ Products Worth Your Money

    Whether the Sharks decide to invest or not, this show features some creative products. Here are the 'Shark Tank' products...

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    10 Helpful DIYer Products You Can Find in Amazon’s Secret Section

    Have you discovered Amazon's Bargain Finds section yet? It's filled with products and materials to help get the job done,...

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    10 Surprising Things That Decrease Property Value

    Your home is one of your biggest purchases, so it makes sense that you'd want to protect your investment. Read...

    13 Things to Stop Buying That’ll Save You Tons of Cash

    Cut these routine purchases out of your life and you'll be amazed at how much money you can save.

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    Stuff We Love: Home Winterizing Products

    These home winterizing products are affordable and easy to use.

    12 Home Inspection Red Flags You Can Actually Overlook (For Now)

    When buying a home, the home inspection can be one of the most stress-inducing parts of the process. Will the...

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    5 Unexpected Places in Your House You Might Find Extra Cash

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    5 Easy Money-Saving Tricks That Helped Me Save $1K a Month

    I never knew how much I could save... until now.

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    Most People Don’t Know About These 12 Money-Saving Amazon Tricks

    With a few clicks, you can basically have anything — and everything — you've ever wanted via Amazon. Though it...

    20 Ways to Save Money You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet

    You'll be amazed at how much money you can save each month when these small and simple expert strategies add...

    11 Things That Will Be Cheaper in 2020

    Want to save big in the new year? All you have to do is take advantage of these seriously smart...