Storm Preparation and Preparedness

It’s never too early to prepare your family and your home for storms. Plan your severe weather readiness with these helpful tips, projects and product recommendations.

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How to Stay Safe During Hurricane Season

Eight tips to protect your family and home during hurricane season

81 Severe Weather Survival Tips Every Homeowner Must Know

When severe weather strikes, there’s no time to think. That’s why you need to prepare for the worst NOW, before...

11 Tips Sure to Help You Survive a Tornado

Prepare your home and family for severe weather season with these tips for staying safe during a tornado.

Survive a Tornado | How to Choose a Safe Room

Safe rooms are designed to stay anchored to the ground during a tornado. But maybe more importantly, a safe room...

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10 Great Ice and Snow Removal Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

When it comes to removing snow and ice, there are some quick and easy tips to make your life...

10 Things to Know About Winter Power Outages

Between the wind, heavy snow and ice, power outages are common during the winter months. Winter power outages cause several...

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12 Things to Prepare for a Winter Storm

Are you expecting some bad winter weather in the coming weeks? Have you been hit by surprise storms in the...

Protect Your Home and Family: Severe Weather Guide

It's never too early to prepare your family and your home for hurricanes, severe weather or natural disasters. Use this...

Make Your Own Storm Kits

Every family should have a Storm Readiness Kit. Here are suggestions for how to make three kits: basic, upgraded and...

16 Must-Have Emergency Kit Items to Survive a Storm

Be prepared to survive a storm of any size by creating a kit for your home. Consider these 16 must-haves...

Storm Survival Guide

Protect your family when the wind starts blowing, the waters start rising, and your house goes dark.

Severe Weather Guide: After the Storm

Stay safe, help others and record the damage.

Severe Weather Guide: How to tie big items down

You've probably seen the photos of plastic drinking straws driven into telephone poles during a hurricane. If high winds can...

Severe Weather Guide: Before the Storm- Have a plan

The time to prepare for severe weather is when there isn’t a cloud in the sky. Take a few minutes...

Four Tips to Prepare for the Next Ice Storm

Things to do before the weather hits.